Retail Showroom


  • Maintain Separate work environments User Wise (Estimate Entries or Final Entries)
  • No need to keep your complete data at your office. Feed the regular data separately and merge into central database at the day end
  • Split the data into separate companies as and when required
  • Use of RFID Tags for quick Stock Tally & Multiple Tags Issue
  • Handheld Computers with Printer for Estimates & Quotations
  • Send the Customer / Supplier Ledger directly to their mobile


  • Tax Invoice - URD Purchase - Central Purchase - On Approval
  • Old Gold Purchase and refinig with loss calculation lott wise
  • Direct Tag Generation From Purchase specially in Branded Jewellery
  • Jewellery Pur. with Stamp,Gr.Wt.,Less Wt, Net Wt.,Tunch,Wstg,Fine,Labour
  • On Approval Purchase & Reports showing Unbilled Sold Tags and On Approval Stock Party Wise


  • Tax Invoice - Retail Invoice - Central Sale - Estimate - Approval - Quotation
  • Complete entry like Sale, Purchase, Returns, Payments, Bhav fix etc. on a single screen
  • Split Tags at Sale point and create a separate tag or increase loose stock
  • Approval , Approval Returns and Direct Sale
  • Bill Due Date & Reminders
  • Direct commission transfer to other party from bill
  • Bill/Estimate both features available


  • Order Form Printing With or Without Advance
  • Order direct issue to Karigar from Order Form
  • Order Register with status (Pending/Ready/Delivered)
  • Unique Order No. in a chain (New Order - Goldsmith - Sale to Customer)
  • Future Rate Booked and adjusted in Sale Bill
  • Order status at a single click (Directly from your web site also)
  • Convert Loose Stock to Order Stock or back Order Stock to Loose Stock


  • Stock Staus In Hand (Gr.Wt/Net.Wt./Pcs)
  • Stock Methods
  • Item Wise
  • Item Group Wise
  • Batch No Wise
  • Purity Wise
  • Stock Summary (Loose, Tags, Or Complete)
  • Stock Registers (Gr.Wt./Net.Wt./Pcs)
  • Stock Valuation (FIFO,Avg.Rate,G.P.,Last Pur.,Current Rate)


  • Stock Handling Individual Pc Wise on Basis of
  • Items,Group,Purity,Supplier,Design,Size,
  • M.R.P. Calculation & Cost Rate Calculation
  • Import Tags From Excel Sheet
  • Nos in Sequence or randomnly generated
  • Attach Item Photo with Tag No.
  • Separate Details for Necklace & Tops on one Tag
  • Tag Arrivals/Issue Reports & Summary


  • All Accounting Reports
  • Ledger,Day Book,Cash Book,Metal Book,Trial Balance
  • Trading - P&L A/c,Balance Sheet
  • AgeWise Outstandings
  • Bills Outstandings
  • Sale-Purchase Registers on basis of
  • Items, Groups, Designs, Suppliers
  • Trading & profit & loss report
  • Interest Statement
  • Weight trial
  • Capital report
  • Balance sheet
  • Sale/Purchase Rates Comparison Item Group Wise


  • Karigar Balancing on diff.Criteria
  • (Gr.Wt., Fine Wt. , Dia./Stn Quality Wise)
  • Easy calculation of wstg/lbr on difference methods
  • Direct Tag generation at Receipt
  • Handlin charges , setting lbr/wstg per dia.pc. Studded.
  • Manufacturing Register

Value Added Features


  • Goods Receive & Amount Issue to Customer as per Valuation
  • Girvi Transfer to Bank or any third party
  • Different Intt.Options (Simple/Compound)
  • Girvi Loss Report (Transactions runing in loss)
  • Separate Trial Balance of Girvi Parties
  • Complete Ledger Printing Option


  • Separate Schemes & Members therein
  • Monthly Receipts (One or more installments)
  • Due Installments List
  • Adjustment of Receipts in Sale Vouchers


  • Against every Bill with current balance
  • Birth Dates/Anniversary
  • Order ready
  • Girvi interest reminder
  • Outstanding Sms
  • General


  • Only one day data at work place
  • Daily data trancfer to Storage company
  • selected party outstanding in one day company
  • Stock display or not in one day company


  • Attendence with punch card
  • Calculate overtime automatically
  • Attendence sheet and Salary sheet
  • Salary direct post to staff a/c from salary sheet

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