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Order Management by MMI Software

Order Management

  • Catalogue & Quotation Print & Email
  • Receive Customer Order ItemWise
  • Detailed Description Of Order Sunch (such) As Purity,Deisgn,Wt Range,Size, Special Remarks
  • Order Status At Every Stage Of Production
  • Size Wise Requirement of Diamond/Stone For A order on basis of BOM


  • Gold Metal,Silver Metal,Ornaments
  • Diamonds & Stones
  • Castings & Chains
  • Mountings
Stock Purchace Software by MMI Software
Production Process Management Software by MMI Software

Production Process

  • Melting, Casting & Mounting Manufacturing
  • Job Card : Setting, Rhodium, Finishing etc.
  • Final Taging (Ready To Sale/Approval)
  • Gold,Silver & Alloy Issue & Return
  • Diamond & Coloured Stones Issue & Return
  • Definable Labour Charges for different jobs
  • Process Transfer & Losses
  • Definable Dept./Process & Karigars
  • Automated Control of Losses in Casting/Setting/Finishing etc.

Sale and Approvals

  • Customer Billing Against Order
  • Direct Billing against Stock
  • Approvals, Approval Returns or Direct Sales
  • Complete Feeding From the single screen
  • Sale Sale Return
  • Metal Received Cash Received
  • Bhav Cut Transfer Entry
  • Sale Directly with Barcode Gun
  • Prefixed Party Rates ItemWise/Purity Wise
  • (Tunch/Wstg/Lbr./Dia.Rates Pkt.Code Wise)
  • Bill Due Date & Reminders
MMI Software manage Sales and Approvals
Jewellery Inventory Management Software by MMI Software


  • Stock Staus In Hand (Gr.Wt/Net.Wt./Pcs)
  • Stock Position on Separate Dept
  • Stock Staus In Hand (Wt and Pc wise)
  • Stock Methods
  • Item Wise
  • Stamp Wise
  • Batch No Wise
  • Purity Wise
  • Item Group Wise)
  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledgers
  • Individual Item Profitability
  • Minimum Reorder Level
  • Diamond/Stone Stock Quality Wise

Inventory Tagged Item

  • Stock Handling Individual Pc Wise on Basis of
  • Items,Group,Purity,Supplier,Design,Size,
  • M.R.P. Calculation & Cost Rate Calculation
  • Import Tags From Excel Sheet
  • Nos in Sequence or randomnly generated
  • Attach Item Photo with Tag No.
  • Separate Details for Necklace & Tops on one Tag
  • Tag Arrivals/Issue Reports & Summary
  • AgeWise Stock Analysis
  • SDia.Jewellery Taging
MMI Software manages Inventory Tagged Items
MMI Software manages Karigar Work


  • Karigar Metal Balance after deducting allowed wstg
  • Hisab Final
  • Labour Calculation for contact (contract) basis karigars

M.I.S Reports

  • Weight Trial Showing complete movement of Stock
  • Loss Report On Various Criteria
  • (Karigars, Dept., Process, Lott I.D., Order)
  • Order Status Showing Complete Process chart in one screen
  • Tunch Register
  • All Accounting Reports
  • Ledger,Day Book,Cash Book,Metal Book,Trial Balance
  • Trading - P&L A/c,Balance Sheet
  • AgeWise Outstandings
  • Bills Outstandings
  • Average Balance On Customers/Suppliers
  • PartyWise Profit Comparison
  • Sale-Purchase Registers
MMI Software manage MIS Reports
MMI Software Security


  • Feed Daily Data and Transfer to the Storage Device
  • Multi level passwords and rights setup
  • Block previous days Modification & deletion for operator
  • Restrict Operator for feeding in current date
  • All Data Deletion by a single key-stroke
  • Audit Feature to cross check operator's feeding and
  • Limited Access (On particular groups of A/c) to Operator

Value Added Features

MMI Software SMS Facility


  • Against every Bill with current balance
  • Birth Dates/Anniversary
  • Order ready
  • Girvi interest reminder
  • Outstanding Sms
  • General

Staff Salary

  • Attendence with punch card
  • Calculate overtime automatically
  • Attendence sheet and Salary sheet
  • Salary direct post to staff a/c from salary sheet
Staff Management Software by MMI Software